Create/Clarify HR Systems

Unexpected interruptions within your personnel can be devastating to your business.

Is your recruiting and onboarding process in place where you could recruit, hire and train a new employee with minimal disruption?

Would your business survive if a key employee did not return to work without giving notice?

Have you been in this position?

  • One minute you have an employee who is taking care of everything and the next minute they are gone and you have no idea how to use the software, who your vendors/contacts for payroll are, who handles computer issues or even where the key to the HR file cabinet is. No amount of loyalty or good health can save you from running into such a situation sooner or later.

When you lose an important employee it can truly feel as though they have been “hit by a bus” and vanished from your company from one day to the next.

There are several types of “buses” that your business could face at any moment:

  • Career Bus – Your #1 manager wants to take a different direction in their career.
  • Medical Bus – Unexpected medical diagnosis, Heart Attack and just like that they are gone.
  • Relocation Bus – Elderly parent is sick and an employee who has been with you for 8 years relocates to care for him/her.
  • 3-day Weekend Bus – Even one missed day could cause major interruptions in your business and result in the loss of a customer who needed something that same day and you could not accommodate as you did not have appropriate systems in place.

As a business you need to act as soon as possible to retrieve the knowledge that is encrypted in your employees mind (before it is “thrown under the bus”) and to create your onboarding and key processes of your organization accordingly. This will not only protect your company from running into costly situations but it will also create a system which will make it much easier and effective to train your new hires.

Consequences if you don’t have a system in place:

  • Without a solid job description, as a business owner or manager, your expectations of what needs to be done are unknown
  • Most of the job responsibilities fall under “Other duties as defined”. This leads to finger pointing and does not allow for accountability
  • Poor employee moral results when employees are lacking clear direction, are micro managed or if they feel a lack of purpose.
  • Without transparent job roles that are defined in advance, your departments operate in silos while blaming others when mistakes are discovered
  • What information would be lost forever with the loss of that team member?