Create/Modify Company Values

Does your business have morale, retention, negativity and performance issues? Sadly, there’s a lack of spirt in companies because there is no spirt in the people who work for these companies.

When you integrate your company values into your hiring, firing, managing and performance evaluations, employees buy into the values and become engaged, loyal and will do what it takes to get the job done.

When you engage employees within the company, they see their value in their contribution and they genuinely want the to company to succeed. Employee engagement provides employees with the motivation to go above and beyond their written responsibilities and tasks. It also is an excellent way to reduce absenteeism.

There is not a shortage of good employees. They are rarely sick, seldom late, and hit most deadlines the position requires. What’s missing are the exceptional employees. What are you doing to attract and retain exceptional employees?

Company Values of an organization:

  • Differentiates you from your competition
  • Allows you to hire, fire, manage and discipline consistently
  • Influence overall behavior – when employees live out the company values, watch how your business changes
  • They shape the workplace environment
  • Allows employees to contribute to the overall success of the organization

Building the foundation of a great company

  • Identify your company values
  • Articulate your company values
  • Incorporate your company values into everything you do.