Leadership Coaching

Hard work doesn’t guarantee success anymore…

  • Our lives included surprises and increasing complexity
  • Constant change is the only guarantee we have
  • The future is not predictable

Get A Coach!  A coach challenges your thinking:

  • What are you holding on to?
  • What do you need to let go of?
  • What do you need to take on?
  • What do you need to move on from?

What Would You Do If Nothing Could Stop You?

PHASE 1 – Starting Point

The question: What are the opportunities?  A roadmap for success develops from a 360 review of your life, assessments and feedback.

Behaviors that typically show up:  Focused, committed and motivated

PHASE 2 – Alignment

The process: Aligning your goals with your wheel house: Organize your priorities, SMART Goals and prioritizing unexpected life events.

Behaviors that typically show up: High energy, optimistic, multiple call to action items

PHASE 3 – Strategy

Stimulate clients: Listening and asking the questions you are not asking yourself

Behaviors that typically show up:  Assessing the situation, examining and exploring options

Phase 4 – Execution

It’s critical to continuously challenge your thinking, having someone guide you, and staying with you along YOUR journey.  Working with a coach overcomes procrastination and identifies/eliminates possible obstacles.

Behaviors that typically show up: Past behaviors start resurfacing – With a coach, you learn from and avoid the following: poor time management, being overly ridged, inflexible, poor decision-making, resistance to delegate, poorly communicating with others, not saying “no”, lacking a sense of urgency, feeling defeated.